AQUIKO Weir Penstocks are an ideal way to accurately control water levels, adjust flow rates, or even divert floating debris/scum away from operational equipment. The penstocks are manufactured in Stainless Steel 316L, making them lightweight for ease of handling and installation, without compromising strength.

The AQUIKO Weir Penstock comprises a sluice gate that moves vertically, adjusting the height of its weir crest to allow the water level upstream to be maintained.

Weir penstocks are wall-mounted, with no requirement for grouting, making them quick and simple to install.

Once installed, AQUIKO Weir Penstocks require very little attention, as greasing is not required in most cases, and the construction of the penstock gate is self aligning, with no fiddly wedges, and an integrated EPDM seal.

The weir penstock is available as standard with either a single, central spindle or twin spindles to prevent crabbing or to reduce snagging of floating debris. Although the spindle is centrally positioned, it has a unique drive arrangement to prevent collision with debris. In both cases, this can be replaced with rising spindles, rack and pinion drives, or hydraulics, and in all cases, the equipment can be manually driven, or electrically operated, along with automation if desired.

AQUIKO Weir Penstocks are built to match our customers specification. Please fill in the form with your requirements and we will get back to you.

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