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Side Hung Doors

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Side Hung Doors are a simple solution, providing a fish friendly solution to flood defence.

Our design delivers a strong product that is virtually maintenance free.

Each AQUIKO Side Hung Door set is built to suit the exacting requirements of each enquiry. The AQUIKO Side Hung Door range is available in a wide range of sizes to suit your individual needs. Please fill in the form below to enquire.

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AQUIKO Side Hung Doors

AQUIKO Side Hung Doors are manufactured in HDPE and Stainless Steel 316. The intelligent material choice ensures they are lightweight, but not compromised when it comes to strength.

Side Hung Doors also offer the optimum fish friendly solution. In fact, The Environment Agency Guidelines state “hinged side gates provide the best option for eel passage over a range of flows and are considered to be a good Best Achievable Eel Protection (BAEP) installation choice.”

They offer a reliable and secure flood defence. However, unlike other forms of non-return valve they pose no barrier to fish migration.

Based on traditional mitre door designs they are a very simple yet effective concept. The water flow pushes them open and closed depending on the flow. Once open, free flow between the two water bodies is possible.

As with all AQUIKO products we have made installation as easy as possible. Usually mounted to a bespoke frame or bolted to the mounting surface using resin anchors, therefore, no grouting is required. Usually fitted within a few hours they offer massive time and cost savings.

Only requiring occasional visual inspection. With self-lubricating hinges no additional greasing is required.

AQUIKO Side Hung Doors are built to match our customers specification. Please fill in the form with your requirements and we will get back to you.