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WaReg Flow Regulator

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The WaReg Flow Regulator suits most applications and it is available from DN75 – DN400 for flow from 2 l/sec to 200 l/sec. WaReg models up to DN250 are tested for flow by us at Wapro to ensure the correct flow rate is set before delivery. The flow rate can be adjusted post-installation within a certain range.

WaReg Flow Regulator Brochure



The WaReg Flow Regulator is a powerful, fully autonomous solution to handle surface water runoff and prevent flooding. By utilising effective flow regulation, flooding can be minimised and even mitigated.

  • Decreases the need for large attenuation ponds
  • Insensitive to debris, sludge and solids
  • Eliminating the need for a head of water
  • Protects instantly
  • Fully autonomous

The WaReg reduces the overall cost of a flood mitigation project. We know most municipalities are dealing with reduced maintenance budgets. This increases the need for products with lower maintenance requirements.
It operates as a standard inspection chamber during normal levels of flow and when flow increases the chamber fills with water causing the flotation regulation pipe to rise thereby regulating flow.