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Stop Logs: AQUIKO’s Versatile Watercourse Barriers

AQUIKO Stop Logs offer a straightforward yet highly effective solution for watercourse management. These logs are invaluable for various applications, from isolating fixed plant areas during maintenance to serving as permanent weirs. Crafted with lightweight materials, such as aluminum, AQUIKO Stop Logs prioritise ease of handling and deployment without compromising safety or durability.

Materials and Customization

Our Stop Logs are meticulously manufactured using marine-grade Aluminum, seamlessly fitting into Stainless Steel 316 frames equipped with integral seals. This design makes them suitable for both quickly deployed temporary barriers and long-term watercourse penning. At AQUIKO, we understand that each project is unique. Therefore, we offer flexibility in materials, including Stainless Steel, coated steel, composites, and even bespoke designs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Effortless Handling and Retrieval

AQUIKO Stop Logs are engineered for user convenience. They are designed to be easily handled, deployed, and retrieved once submerged. We provide a range of lifting equipment options to meet your needs, including telescopic lifting poles for manual lifting and lifting beams that automatically engage underwater to effortlessly lift the logs away.

Choose AQUIKO Stop Logs for a versatile and reliable watercourse management solution. Contact us today for more information.

AQUIKO Stop LogsAQUIKO Stop Logs

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