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TiltingWeir: Precision Water Level Management by AQUIKO

The AQUIKO Tilting Weir stands as the epitome of variability and precision in water level management. Essentially, a tilting weir is a unique type of weir penstock that tilts horizontally instead of moving vertically. This innovative design offers several advantages:

  • No Need for Recess: Unlike traditional weirs that require a recess at the end of a channel for the gate to lower into, a tilting weir can tilt forwards until almost horizontal, eliminating the need for such accommodations.
  • Accurate Level Control: Tilting weirs, frequently supplied by AQUIKO as alternatives to sluice gates, provide highly accurate level control. Water spills over the weir rather than under it, ensuring precise management of water levels. Moreover, they have a minimal visual impact, thanks to their lower crossbeam.

Applications and Versatility

Tilting weirs find applications in various scenarios, from conservation areas to land drainage water level management and flood alleviation. They excel in both manual and automated setups. At AQUIKO, our commitment to low maintenance is at the core of the design of our tilting weirs. These innovative weirs operate by adjusting a weir plate between vertical and horizontal planes, allowing for precise positioning and enabling debris such as branches and weeds to float effortlessly over them.

Built for Durability

AQUIKO manufactures tilting weirs using HDPE and Stainless Steel 316L, ensuring they are lightweight for easy handling and installation without compromising on strength. Additionally, we offer a beamless version for watercourses frequently used by canoes or areas with a high presence of floating debris.

Choose AQUIKO’s Tilting Weirs for unmatched precision in water level management. Contact us for more information.

AQUIKO Tilting Weir AQUIKO Tilting Weir

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