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AQUIKO Flap Valves

The AQUIKO Flap Valves have been designed and manufactured in the UK using the most cutting-edge techniques. Our valves are made from HDPE and have a design life of 50 years*.

AQUIKO Flap Valves have a unique compact design, therefore, requiring less room around the aperture compared to other flap valve designs. The compact design does not impact on the strength of the product with a max 6MwC short term* and 2MwC indefinite pressure rating.

AQUIKO’s standard range is manufactured in HDPE. This material is lightweight and extremely robust with a low carbon footprint. This lightweight design ensures much lower head loss than cast iron or steel alternatives. Another benefit of the lightweight design is that far less lifting equipment is required on site. This, along with no requirement for grouting ensures a safe and quick installation.