AQUIKO Round Flap Valves offer a simple yet effective method of flood prevention. Installed in a variety of conditions to prevent backflow into outlets and minimise risk of flooding. The flap valve comprises of a door (the flap) with a hinge at the top which allows a fluid to pass in one direction but not the other. The humble flap valve may seem simple yet to make a simple solution brilliant requires a lot of thought. AQUIKO have given time to the flap valve, making a range in HDPE which is light to reduce head loss, minimise opening pressures and ease installation. Rather than setting a straightforward pressure rating on our valves AQUIKO recognise that with a range of valves based on a single design they suit a range of differing pressures which our customers can use to their advantage when designing their projects. AQUIKO therefore have a differing pressure rating for each size but with a minimum of 6MwC over 4 days to some being able to take over 10MwC!
HDPE is a brilliant material which in black is UV stable, is light and does not degrade in water. The low weight of the material and therefore small volumes required for our valve solutions ensure it’s the lowest CO2 material currently in use for valves today. When a force is applied to HDPE, overtime the material creeps, this means that the shorter the time period where force is applied the greater the load that it can be subjected to. AQUIKO’s calculations to determine its pressure rating for short term pressure are based on the materials strength over 4 days and long-term pressure over the course of a year, ACE can however provide information for periods up to 25 years.