Our Fully Equipped Assembly Hall

The AQUIKO range has been designed and manufactured entirely in the UK.

For 25 years ACE has been supplying and installing water flow control products in the UK. It is this experience that meant we could always see lots of possible improvements for the HDPE and stainless-steel products. AQUIKO has provided us the opportunity to embed these improvements into the product.

The entire range has been designed in house by highly skilled mechanical engineers with over 25 years’ experience in the water industry.

ACE have taken steps to set up and fit out an assembly hall equipped with an overhead gantry crane, capable of lifting and manoeuvring even the largest products. A new compressor with a full suite of air powered tools has been installed, as well equipment for cutting, finishing, and assembling products from the range. To ensure the products are manufactured to the highest exacting standards, plastic welding equipment is now in place for both extrusion and plastic hot gas welding.

The highly skilled Operations Team at ACE have been externally trained in a number of key areas to ensure that only the highest quality of water flow control products leave for the customer. Examples of the training include safety, such as safe use of equipment, lifting, and risk minimisation. The team have completed technical training to compliment the wide range of existing skills, such as stud weld training and coded plastic welding Completed to EU standards to ensure that all AQUIKO products deliver their 6MwC pressure rating as standard.

The AQUIKO product range is designed by water industry experts, built by a highly skilled team and delivered to you by the team at ACE, market leaders in the UK for over 25 years.

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